How To Store Moonshine After Opening

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The smooth taste of the infamous moonshine liquor is deliciously mouthwatering. But unless you want to enjoy your entire batch of moonshine right away, you will need to store it properly to enjoy later. But you may be wondering if ‘moonshine can spoil or ruin.’ Fortunately, your moonshine will not go bad if you store it properly.

So how do you store moonshine properly?

Types of Moonshine: Plain and Flavored Moonshine

The clear, unaged whiskey can either be plain or flavored. These two main types have slight differences in content; thus, you can store them for the same amount of time.

Standard or plain moonshine has no extra sugars and flavor additives. Therefore, it is shelf-stable and can last longer than flavored moonshine. The added flavor and extra sugars in flavored moonshine make it more sensitive to expire once exposed to air. But whether your moonshine is plain or has flavors and extra sugars, it can still last for several years, provided you store it properly.

Should you refrigerate moonshine

You don’t have to refrigerate your moonshine, but you must keep it at a temperature-controlled location. Room temperatures can allow the decomposition of heavier oils and alcohols and the mellowing of the flavor over time. However, you should not store your moonshine at room temperatures if you live in areas with sharp temperature changes.

Harsh temperatures can ruin its flavor. So, you can store the beverage in a freezer or fridge. You don’t have to worry about freezing since the high-alcohol content prevents freezing unless temperatures drop to -174.46ºF or -114.7ºC.

What is Moonshine? Glass vs. Plastic Containers

If you want your moonshine to last, you should store it in a glass container. Although plastic containers are cheaper, they have several disadvantages, such as accidentally melting when placed near a heat source. Today’s plastic containers are substantial, and moonshine won’t burn through the material, but an open flame or heat source will. Besides, plastic containers can introduce a vinyl-like flavor and aroma to your moonshine.

Glass containers remain the best option for moonshine storage in the long term. Your favorite beverage will retain its pure flavor, and there won’t be even the slightest change in taste after storing for months or years.

The glass options include spirit bottles, glass liquor bottles, or moonshine bottles. A glass bottle manufactured specifically for moonshine is best, but practically any glass container with a sealable top is okay. You can even use a Mason jar.

Storing Plain Moonshine

It would be best if you did not expose your moonshine to direct sunlight. Even when you are using a glass container, direct sunlight is still harmful as it can cook the contents of your beverage and cause it to spoil faster.

Generally, exposing your moonshine to the sun for a long time has a similar impact to storing it at high temperatures, which speeds up the oxidation process. Ensure you keep your moonshine in a cool, dark, and dry environment where there is little-to-no sun exposure.

Keeping your container air-tight is among the most crucial parts of storing your moonshine. Contact with oxygen can start the oxidation process, whereby the chemical composition of the alcohol begins to change. Oxidation will change your moonshine’s flavor and make it less smooth.

If your moonshine’s taste changes due to oxidation, that does not necessarily mean that it has gone bad. But you probably want to maintain the flavor for as long as possible and, therefore, should keep your moonshine storage containers air-tight.

Storing Flavored Moonshine

Storing opened flavored moonshine in the refrigerator prolongs its shelf life. The refrigerator temperatures slow down when the sugars and added flavors go bad. Unopened flavored moonshine can last for years, un-refrigerated and away from sunlight.

Like plain moonshine, flavored moonshine is best enjoyed while stored in a glass bottle. However, once opened, flavored moonshine only lasts 3-6 months in the refrigerator.

Buy Moonshine Online

We have looked at how important it’s to store your moonshine properly and ways you can do it. However, there’s another important thing—purchasing moonshine from a reputable manufacturer. You should find a manufacturer who distills, seals, and proofs the beverage using the highest industry standards.

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