How To Drink Moonshine

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When many people hear the word “moonshine,” they think of someone making alcohol in the backwoods countryside of the United States.

This image comes from the fact that many people made moonshine during the Prohibition era, which lasted from 1920 until 1933. The name refers to the act of people making moonshine under the light of the moon.

We don’t know about y’all, but 13 years is a long time to go without drinking alcohol. That’s why so many people took matters into their own hands. Of course, not everybody was skilled at correctly making moonshine, which unfortunately led to some health risks and consequences.

But that’s all in the past. Today, moonshine is brewed the right way (i.e., the legal way) in distilleries like Tennessee Shine Co. Moonshine is an unaged whiskey that can be enjoyed immediately instead of requiring it to spend years sitting in a barrel.

If you’re new to the concept of moonshine or are just looking for some new ways to enjoy a classic beverage, you’re in the right place.

How Do I Drink Moonshine?

We’ve gotta be honest, honey; you don’t want to drink straight moonshine.

That’s because straight moonshine is hard to swallow. Literally, by itself, moonshine has an earthy flavor that burns going down. Remember, its original intent wasn’t to be part of some fancy cocktail but rather to help people get drunk.

As a more sophisticated drinker, you’re gonna want to mix your moonshine with something. In addition to making it taste better, adding a mixer will also keep the overall alcohol content down. That way, you can have more than one drink without feeling the world start to spin around you.

Common Moonshine Mixers

Here are the most common things people use to mix moonshine with. Feel free to get creative! Remember that moonshine is a whiskey, so anything that pairs well with whiskey will also pair well with moonshine.


If you like whiskey and coke, you’ll love moonshine and coke. This classic combination can be a good starting point for the novice moonshine drinker.

Ginger ale

If you want to get more of the earthy taste of moonshine in your cocktail, try pairing it with ginger ale (not ginger beer). Sweet ginger ale can make moonshine go down smoother and is a good starting point for those new to drinking moonshine.

Grapefruit juice

As one of the unsung heroes of mixers, grapefruit juice pairs nicely with moonshine, the earthy undertones of moonshine combined with a crisp and delicious grapefruit flavor make for a delightfully refreshing cocktail on a hot summer Tennessee afternoon.


Go half-and-half with lemonade and moonshine, and add some ice to get a nice, cool beverage to enjoy at a cookout or your next family event. (Psst: nobody has to know.)

Sweet vermouth

This is the perfect pairing for those who drink Manhattans because they love the taste of alcohol. You can use the classic two-to-one ratio of moonshine to vermouth or make it an even 50-50 split. Add some ice to dilute the flavors, and throw in a maraschino cherry for good measure. Or, even better, use maraschino cherry-flavored moonshine to create a “Moonshine Manhattan.”


Liven up your lager by adding a shot of moonshine to the bottom of a pint glass. If you’re feeling adventurous, use flavored moonshine, like blackberry moonshine.

Best Moonshine Chasers

For bold drinkers who want to experience a moonshine burn, it is possible to drink moonshine as a shot. Make sure to have one of these chasers on hand to take immediately after drinking straight moonshine.

Pickle juice

The saltiness of pickle juice will help combat the strong taste of whiskey. If you don’t have pickle juice nearby, take a bite out of a fresh pickle.


When in doubt, you can always chase with water. It’s a good idea to drink a glass of water in between moonshine shots or mixed moonshine beverages to make sure you’re staying hydrated.

Ready to Try Moonshine?

Whether you’re new to moonshine or looking for some new ways to enjoy a traditional beverage, we have all the information you need here at Tennessee Shine Co. We’d love for y’all to stop in and see us!

Pick up one of our delicious moonshine combinations that you can enjoy if you have a sweet tooth or are looking for an adventurous cocktail to enjoy on your next weekend outing.

Explore our blog for other traditional ways to drink moonshine and new trends in moonshine cocktails.